Due to the pristine white sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, and varieties of water sports available, Zanzibar has always been adored as one of the excellent safari destinations in Tanzania. Many of us plan out Zanzibar safaris just to have fun on the beaches because we think that’s the only thing in Zanzibar. However, in reality, it’s way more than that.

Besides the beautiful beaches, Zanzibar is popular for its amazing bio-diversity, rare creatures, history, old towns, and more. There are so many incredible things to explore in this one archipelago. In this blog, we have compiled a list of a few popular things that you must know before landing in Zanzibar. It will help you in exploring Zanzibar in the best ways possible. Further, you won’t regret missing out on more amazing things in Zanzibar.

Facts You Must Know Before Going to Zanzibar and Zanzibar Safaris

One of the best things about Zanzibar beaches is that it is unlike other beaches in the world. Not only the water is crystal clear but the surroundings too are very clean. The serenity of the entire place will force you to stay more and explore more. Let’s find some interesting facts about Zanzibar and Zanzibar Safaris-

Zanzibar isn’t an Island, It’s a Combination of Many Islands

Many of us have misconceptions about the Zanzibar that it’s an island but the truth is, it is not. In fact, it’s an archipelago in the Indian Ocean and is a combination of many smaller and two larger islands. Unguja and Pemba are the largest islands in Zanzibar. Moreover, the south is called Mafia Island which is a part of Tanzania’s Mafia Archipelago. The total population of people in Zanzibar counts around 1.3 million. Indeed, these facts give you many reasons to spend beach holidays in Zanzibar.

Stone Town isn’t the Capital of Zanzibar, Zanzibar City is

Another most important fact that people often misunderstand is the capital of Zanzibar. Many people think Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar whereas the fact is that Zanzibar City is the capital. Stone Town is situated in Zanzibar City and is indeed a must-see while visiting Zanzibar. The narrow streets, spice markets, and coral stone buildings make the city the center point of Zanzibari culture. UNESCO has labeled the Stone Town the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is popular for the elaborate wooden carvings. One can find these carvings in the doors of most buildings in the city. These carvings vary in their designs and portray social status, religion, and ethnicity. In fact, some designs emphasize verses from the Quran.

Zanzibar Safaris View Some Rare Creatures in the World

Don’t expect to see the Big Five in Zanzibar. You can view them in other places while having wildlife safari in Tanzania. Creatures like red colobus monkeys, the Zanzibar leopard, and the Zanzibar Servaline genet are the habitant of Zanzibar. The Servaline genets are more like cats and they were first found in the 1990s and photographed in 2003. These species can found in Unguja. The red colobus monkeys are usually seen in the Jozani Forest.

Zanzibar is Popular for Its Spice Plantation

Besides the tourism industry, something that contributes the most to Zanzibar’s economy is the spice plantation. While roaming around the town, you will smell the aromatic scent of spices like turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper. So, if you ever visit this archipelago, don’t forget to explore the spice plantation there. Also, Stone Town will give you a perfect glimpse of the Zanzibari culture while you discover the place.

People in Zanzibar Speak Swahili

The official language of Zanzibar is Swahili, however, many locals are observed to speak Arabic and English as well. Other European languages such as French and Italian can also be heard throughout the city. The word “Swahili” mainly comes from the Arab word “Sawahil,” which means “coast.”

In a Nutshell

Zanzibar holds a lot more than just the beaches. The rare creatures, spice plantation, Stone Town, Zanzibar City, the food, Zanzibari culture, stone buildings and a lot more. So, before you plan out your Zanzibar safaris, don’t forget to explore these things as well.

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