Before we actually leap on to Zanzibar beach tour packages, tell us something- what exactly clicks to your mind when you hear the word ‘Zanzibar’?

Maybe the pristine white sandy beaches, hammocks swinging gently in the sea breeze, adventurous water sports, crystal clear turquoise water, and extremely beautiful and sumptuous beach resorts serving delicious foods and drinks.

If these are the things, then you aren’t wrong.

Zanzibar is undoubtedly a beautiful place to enjoy your entire vacation in and it is completely justified as well. You can spend the entire day soaking in the sun, doing nothing and relaxing by the pool, and relishing the amazing lifestyle of Zanzibar beach resort.

Besides this, the place is well-known for its amazing and variety of spices being cultivated and manufactured. The whole town has an aromatic smell of spices. Plus, if you are a history lover, you will get a plethora of options to explore this archipelago. In fact, the houses, monuments, and the lifestyle of the people in Zanzibar itself reflects the old tradition.

In this blog, we will go a little deeper and find out what makes Zanzibar a must-visit destination in Tanzania and what are the things that you must do and explore here.

Amazing Things to Do and Explore in Zanzibar

When you visit Zanzibar, don’t miss out on the splendid things that the island has to offer. Check out some excellent things you must discover and do here. Here’s the list-

Go on a Spice Plantation Tour

What could be better than visiting a new place and immersing yourself completely in its local culture until you are there? Probably, this is very important to understand that place. Spice is one of the wealthiest and most profitable industry in Zanzibar. Even, many people call Zanzibar as the ‘spice land’ and obviously with good reason! This archipelago holds the history of exporting flavourful and aromatic spices such as nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and more. Taking a spice tour in the city would be extremely fascinating, flavorsome, and fragrant experience.

Get an Amazing Sunbath at Nungwi Beach

Nungwi is basically a village situated in the North West tip of Zanzibar. Although the place isn’t yet overrun by tourists, it’s among one of the top beaches of Zanzibar where the tide doesn’t head out too far. Therefore, if you are looking to soak up in the sun while toes dipped in the sea, you must catch out on this place.

Tour to Prison Island- Catch A Glimpse of the Dark Past

Changuu or Prison Island is situated 5.6 kilometers northwest of Stone Town, Unguja and is a half-hour boat trip from Zanzibar. The place provides an enthralling glimpse of the island’s dark past. The land was once used as a place where rebellious slaves were restrained in the 1860s. Besides, it also worked as a coral mine. However, now, the government of Zanzibar owns this place and use it as tourist destination for camping. The place is the natural reservoir for giant tortoises.

Visit Stone Stone

Stone town is the oldest and main city of Zanzibar. The city possesses a prominent artistic and historical importance in East Africa. Its architecture reflects the diverse influences holding the Swahili culture and provides a unique mix of Arabian, Indian, European, and Persian elements. Because of this reason, the place was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The heart of this town comprises a maze of narrow alleys lined by bazaars, shops, houses, and mosques. Since the streets are narrower, visitors can hardly spot any cars. Instead, the road has tonnes of bicycles and moto bikes. However, the seafront of the town has wider roads.

Breath-taking Views of Pristine and Spectacular Beaches

Not to mention, Zanzibar is popular for having a number of small islands (or islets) among which Unguja and Pumba are the biggest ones. The beaches of Zanzibar are pretty clean and pristine. The water is crystal clear and free of trashes. And, that’s what makes the place a must-visit. You will enjoy every moment you spend there.

Zanzibar Beach Tour Packages- What Enchanting Tanzania Safaris Has to Offer?

From the above discussion, it’s quite apparent that Zanzibar is surely an amazing place for those who love beaches. But when you go there, you must ensure that you have hired one of the best Tanzania local tour operators who can guide you through the entire trip.

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