What strikes a chord when you initially hear the name Tanzania? If you know about the place then you may surely get flashes of the extraordinary wildlife and green landscapes. It’s famous for its amazing safari tours, remarkable National Parks and beautiful nature. It is also a popular trekking destination thanks to the great Mount Kilimanjaro.

So, if you are planning a safari trip to Tanzania, we can assure you that your time here will be absolutely unforgettable. As one of the best Tanzania local tour operators, we’ll be sharing everything about this place in this blog so that you do not miss out on anything.

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What to Pack for Your First Tanzania Safari Trip?

The trickiest part of a safari visit to Tanzania is deciding what to pack for it. In case you are confused about what to pack and what to avoid, have a look at these points: –

Documents: Be prepared with your visa, ticket, travel protection and other significant travel documents.

Money: Apart from carrying the fixed amount you decided, carry some extra cash.

Garments: Don’t go for a lot of dark shaded or fancy dresses for the safari, rather pack some comfortable clothes like khaki or some camouflage outfits to mix with the wildlife.

Essentials: Caps, water bottles, sunglasses, waterproof backpacks

Emergency treatment unit: Tablets for headache, sanitizers, germicide creams and tablets for cold/fever or flu and so on.

Personal Care Items: Remember to pack your sunscreen and other skincare items along with your hair care items.

Gear: Power banks, cameras (DSLR if you have it), USB drive or memory cards

When is the Best Time for a Wildlife Safari in Tanzania?

The most asked question of every first time safari-goer is – “when to plan a wildlife safari visit to Tanzania”?


● June and July, in particular, are the most recommended months to visit Tanzania to appreciate the GREAT MIGRATION of the wildlife.
● Animals are most easy to spot at this time frame as they gather around waterfalls and streams. Moreover, there are fewer mosquitos and the days are clear.


Everything is green and wonderful during this time. Since June-October is the peak time, this is a less crowded time of the year to plan a trip. In fact, in this period you can find extremely affordable wildlife safari packages Tanzania.

wildlife safari packages Tanzania

● Great time for bird watching.
● You can appreciate the wildlife on the northern circuit parks during this time.

Which National Parks are Available in Tanzania

Tanzania brings a tremendous scope of National Parks where you can appreciate the wildlife and excellence of nature. We have picked a couple of National Parks you should cover in your safari tours: –

1. Arusha National Park
2. Lake Manyara National Park
3. Ruaha National Park
4. Tarangire National Park
5. Serengeti National Park

What are the Best Things to See in your Tanzania Safari Tour?

●  A large number of wildebeest relocates each year in Tanzania which you couldn’t imagine finding anywhere else.
●  A phenomenal spot to watch the beautiful migratory birds.
●  It offers mesmerizing views, picture-perfect snow-shrouded Mountains, and gives you an opportunity to view a large     variety of wildlife – from gazelles to the lord of the jungle i.e. lion.

So, book your tickets and tight your shoelaces to visit and appreciate; Tanzania.

In case you have any inquiries, you can get in touch with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require details for a specific package. We would be happy to organize a trip for you and your family.